Lift High the Cross!

Welcome to St. Luke!

As we seek to live our lives in balance we see our spiritual life as a triangle.  Each point of the triangle represents our relationships in Christ.  If we are weak in one area of our spiritual life, we are out of balance.  Life lived in balance is a healthy life, a joyful life, and a peaceful life.  The points of our triangle are;

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Our relationship with God is our UP relationship.  It is the most important relationship in our lives.  As we have been given the breath of life, we are called to live that life in ever deeper relationship with God, the giver of the breath we breathe.  Prayer is one way we deepen our relationship with God.  Meditation, Bible study, relationships, and community are also ways for us to continue on our faith journey toward a realized relationship with God.  In the UP of our lives, we respond to God’s call to; “30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ (Mark 12:30)


We invite others IN to a closely held, accountable relationship.  We welcome all to join us in worship and fellowship of our God.  It is much easier to deepen our relationship with God in community.  God’s creation is a communal creation, God’s Word is a communal Word.  All of creation relies on the rest of creation to survive.  In community, we experience God’s calling to love our neighbor as ourselves.  We live out Mark 12:31 within our church; “31 Love your neighbor as yourself.” We humbly come together as family, family of the blood of Jesus Christ.  No, our family isn’t perfect, but we try, and we ask for forgiveness when we fall short.  We offer discipleship coaching, where we humbly and intentionally seek to deepen our faith and the relationships in our lives.


We go OUT to children of God, whom we don’t know.  As we are nurtured and nourished through our UP relationship with God and our relationships with those we have invited IN, we grow in both, and we go OUT to live out the new person we have become.  Whether Jesus sent 72, or 70, or 12, Jesus sent the people whom He had been teaching to go out into the towns to tell others of the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We meet people where they are and walk with them in all the blessings they are.  We build relationships by living God’s love for us.   In relationship, we live and tell of God’s love story for God’s creation.