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Our service is short segments put together to create our worship experience. It is a lively combination of music, movement, prayer, Bible stories, communion, and a game time to build community.


Our Anybody Everybody services are held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at 4:00 pm. Here is a general time frame for the service (about 60-70 minutes).

4:00 pm

Gather for snacks and drinks (about 15 mins)

About 4:15 pm

Bell rings

We settle for worship service in the Fellowship Hall

Welcome – light candle - volunteer, 

 - welcome all, greet any visitors

Sing 2-3 songs (movement is encouraged)

Gather prayer requests


Pass offering plate - volunteer



Communion (includes Praying Our Father – led by a volunteer)


Games (15-20 mins)

Form Circle and sing 1 or 2 songs

Share the Peace of Christ with each other

Overarching is God’s love for all of God’s children and the beautiful diversity which is God’s creation. This service brings us together to grow our faith and realize our blessings in an atmosphere of compassion, understanding, and acceptance.    

We are better together. Come experience how. Join us on our sacred journey as we build a new faith community in Fort Smith, in the name of Christ.